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Land Software To Succeed In a Data-driven World

Reach more buyers, sellers, and bidders. GroundOS provides the infrastructure for land professionals to market, sell , auction and lease land online, broadening your audience and better serving your clients.

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Everything You Need In One Place

Our all-in-one solution means you no longer have to sign into multiple platforms. Everything you need to run your business in one convenient location, wherever you are.

Client Portal
Document Storage

The nations top land brokers and managers run on GroundOS

Software Built Exclusively For Land Professionals


List, Market & Sell Land

GroundOS connects you with interested  buyers, sellers, tenants, and clients in your area, saving you time – and money – on customer acquisition


Manage Your Land

GroundOS allows you to store all your land information in one place and a client portal to share relevant information with your clients.


Receive & Manage Leads

A purpose built CRM to ensure  you capture every contact, lead and client in an automated and easy to use way.


Run Online Auctions

GroundOS enables you to quickly and easily host online auctions for lease and sale properties. Enabling a competitive, high-velocity bidding process is proven to result in better returns for your clients.

Using GroundOS Will Grow Your Business

Plain and simple, companies using GroundOS generate more leads, decrease backoffice expenses and retain and attract talent more effectively.

Streamline Your Operations

The only purpose built software to help land managers and brokers streamline back and front office operations. We understand your business and build world-class software to help it grow.


Sam Zach
Managing Broker

“GroundOS helped digitize my entire operation. I now spend less time, get more leads and can focus on my generating new business instead of getting caught up in back office operations”

Jim Ferguson
Land Broker

“GroundOS made it incredibly easy to find a high-quality tenant for my client's farm. They brought numerous bidders to my listing and their online auction system created a competitive, fast-paced bidding environment that far exceeded our expectations”

Andrew Epperson
Land Broker

“GroundOS has dramaically increased new client leads for brokerage and management”

Take Control Of Your Future

Learn how the industry’s top brokers and managers are using GroundOS to grow their business, increase employee retention and realize the maximum potential of their business.

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Land software to succeed
in a data-driven world
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